Nature's Odor Neutralizer

PowAir is committed to making products that eliminate unwanted stains & odors without jeopardizing the wellbeing of people, animals, and the environment. Providing safe solutions free from chemicals & toxins that truly & naturally eliminate odors with a proprietary blend of plant-based essential oils & enzymes.

Brand Highlights

PowAir first arose for industrial use when one-time firefighter and company founder Shane Lander realized the chemicals used to eliminate smoke in fire remediation were more harmful than the smoke! In searching for the solution Shane connected with a scientist that had invested 25 years of research & testing into an essential oil formula for odor elimination. Those first industrial products have now been in use for 22 years. Capable of tackling big odors in industrial contexts like sewage treatment and chemical plants. The Powair collection was developed by popular demand and formulated for home and commercial use. Made in British Colombia by a Canadian company.

Product Highlights

PowAir products are super powerful – but not overpowering – with 1-3 light scents available. Offered in sprays, room gels, gallon gels & small space blocks. The Powair collection eliminates a wide spectrum of odors with 40 hard-working essential oils. These products neutralize odors at a molecular level dispersing naturally into the air to infiltrate odor molecules, breaking them down and evaporating. Like a true working dog, these products need a purpose! PowAir is not an air-freshener OR an odor absorber and actively works as hard as it needs to in your space.

The stain & odor removing spray goes the extra mile – with their proprietary blend of essential oils and the inclusion of both probiotics and enzymes this safe, all-natural spray literally eats biological messes, just keep the area saturated until the stain is gone!

PowAir Products

  • PowAir Sprays:
    • Eliminate concentrated odors on the spot
    • Eliminate odors immediately, safely & permanently
    • Removes odors from textiles, furniture & hard surfaces
    • 8 oz Sprays | Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit & Tropical Breeze
    • 0.4 oz Spray Card | Apple Crumble
  • PowAir Block:
    • Typically lasts between 30 & 60 days
    • Long-lasting block, ideal for use in small spaces
    • Use to combat on-going odor issues (litter box, garbage storage)
    • 6 oz. Block | Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit & Tropical Breeze
  • PowAir Gel:
    • Typically lasts between 30 & 60 days
    • Fast-acting gel evaporates more rapidly
    • Easy to regulate for small and large spaces
    • 15 oz. Gel | Passion Fruit, Tropical Breeze
    • Gallon Gel | Passion Fruit, Tropical Breeze
  • Stain & Odor Remover Spray:
    • Stain & Odor Remover with dual action essential oils, probiotics & enzymes
    • Breaks down biological messes at a molecular level to remove stains & odors
    • Unparalleled formula delivers better results than the competition
    • 16 oz. Spray | 33 oz. Spray Refill

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