Turkey Jerky

A bite sized jerky treat made with turkey, brown rice, oats, tapioca, cinnamon, and rosemary. Turkey Jerky is soft enough for puppies or for older dogs with dental problems.

Protein, Min. 12%
Fat, Min. 5%
Fiber, Max. 3.5%
Moisture, Max. 30%



Turkey | Poultry Meal | Ground Brown Rice | Cracked Oats | Tapioca Meal | Turkey Liver | Molasses | Glycerine | Phosphoric Acid | Unrefined Brown Sugar | Sea Salt | Garlic Powder | Natural Mesquite | Potassium Sorbate | Vitamin E | Cinnamon | Rosemary |

Available in a convenient, resealable 10 oz. pouch.


“Great Treats!”

Shawn X – Ramsey, MN- Dogs: 3

Web URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZp9EIn8AM0

Name of Product: Solid Gold Jerky Treats

2 Features: Easy to use package, perfect size for smaller dogs.

2 Benefits: Pure ingredients that result in a treat that’s good for them and makes us feel good.

Con: none

Review: Solid Gold Jerky Treats has been a great product for The Herd. It is a great anytime treat and makes bed time very easy. The quality of these treats are top notch. The Herd loves them, Solid Gold Jerky Treats does not give them gas, which is great for all of us. The treat itself is a great size for a smaller dog. The size is also perfect to put in the rubber chew toys and one treat can keep each dog busy for a long while.

We have given a bag of Solid Gold Jerky Treats to other dog family’s both before this trial and during, and have always gotten positive feedback.

Thank you to everyone at Solid Gold Northland. Being a part of this program has taught us so much. The staff is wonderful and we really appreciate the time they spend with us and to teach us new things.

Recommended for: All dogs


“Dogs love the smell of these!”

Nancy B. – Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 4 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Sold Gold Turkey Jerky

2 Features: Love the good quality ingredients and convenient size

2 Benefits: Motivating smell for the dogs

Con: none

Review: These are one of my favorite treats since it always gets the dogs’ attention due to the scent. I cut/break them up into much smaller treats and one package lasts a long time.

Recommended for: All dogs


“Great for training!”

Jill L –  St. Paul, MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Solid Gold Turkey Jerky

2 Features: resealable bag, healthy ingredients

2 Benefits: soft and breakable, smelly

Con: none

Review: These treats are great for dog training since they are delicious and smell yummy – my dog will work for these! I have a 9 lbs. dog so we need to use small treats and these break up great for this. The resealable bag help keeps them soft and fresh.

Recommended for: All dogs, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“My dog loves them and she is really fussy.”

Pam W – Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Solid Gold Jerky Treats

2 Features: No wheat or other unhealthy ingredients. Real meat is the first ingredient.

2 Benefits: Soft, meaty treat that stays soft a long time after opening the bag. Easy to break up into smaller pieces for training treats or small dogs.

Con: none

Review: My dog is soooo fussy! She won’t eat any baked dog treats and she is picky about the meaty treats she will eat, too, but she loves Solid Gold jerky treats.

I love that they have healthy ingredients and unlike a lot of the soft, meaty dog treats, they did not get hard right away after I opened the bag. The bag reseals nicely so they stay soft and fresh for weeks.

I also liked that they are easy to break into pieces for training treats.

Recommended for: All dogs


“What? You only got one bag?”

Trish P – Savage, MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Solid Gold Turkey Jerky Treats

2 Features: Healthy & Easy to control calories

2 Benefits: Easy to break apart and highly palatable

Con: Con… Opie loves these so much he begs for them and bugs the neighbors by showing off his tricks hoping to get extras from them. :)

Review: Opie loves these treats. I have to empty the bag into a stainless container or he sits by the counter and stares at the bag, looking forlorn if he doesn’t get one. I like that they are easy to break into 1/4 inch tidbits for training or so that he gets 15 rewards out of the caloric content of one treat. Opie likes the turkey flavor best, but we mix it up with the other flavors as well.

Recommended for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Great for Training”

Mary L -Eagan, Minnesota Dogs: 3

Name of Product: Solid Gold Turkey Jerky

2 Features: Good texture, no soy, wheat or corn

2 Benefits: turkey jerky good protein rotation from other treates such as TinyTots with Lamb, treats do not crumble – can break into small pieces for training

Con: Can be viewed as expensive but I think that the value is very good – in training I am able to break a piece of the jerky treat into 4-5 treats. When I give at home for a reward to all 3 of the dogs I will take 1 or 2 and break into pieces and give them multiple pieces so they get multiple reward

Review: I use Solid Gold treats for training and for general reward for all of my dogs at home. I train for competitive obedience so it is very easy to over feed if you are doing a lot of training – but with the Turkey Jerky (and the Tiny Tots that I also use) I am able to break them into small pieces during training. The treats are also good to put in your pocket or treat bag because they do not crumble – even when you break them into pieces. The dogs all like the taste and they are easy and quick to chew. Although I usually purchased Tiny Tots I will now use the Turkey Jerky also and rotate the treats for training and general rewards. I especially like that they do not have any soy, wheat or corn since I feed gain free. I have not had any issues with the Solid Gold products

Recommended for: All dogs, Seniors, Finicky Eaters