Wholesome Blend

Completely Balanced Holistic Nutrition for Pets

Wholesome Blend offers unique, holistic, low glycemic and limited ingredient diets with excellent sourcing and moderate fat & protein levels for healthy weight. Featuring balanced omegas, fresh fruits & veggies, pre-and-probiotics, and healthy botanicals.

Brand Highlights

Wholesome Blend by Nutreco is part of a brand leading collection in the Canadian Market with big buying power (along with Lifetime Pet Food).  This 35+ year company makes Animal nutrition a company priority. Placing integrity, transparency and value at the core of their manufacturing and sourcing. Wholesome blend is made in Ontario, Canada with locally sourced Ontario ingredients. Nutreco employs an external audit for ingredient sourcing to ensure the highest quality raw materials are used in their foods. The company also keeps a dedicated pet nutritionist on-site with analytical facilities for testing.

Product Highlights

Wholesome Blend features moderate levels of protein and fat to encourage healthy weight with 90% of the protein from animal sources. Utilizing low glycemic index peas along with 25% fresh fruit & veggies for the balance. Each recipe is folumated for a full amino acid profile and provides a balanced blend of omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. Additionally including healthy botanicals and pre & probiotics for healthy digestion, all Wholesome Blend Products are completely balanced and appropriate for all life stages. All formulas are grain-free, corn-free, wheat-free & bi-product free. The surf formulas are hypoallergenic.

  • Grain-Free Dog foods available in 5 & 25 lb bags
    • Limited ingredient diet (hypoallergenic) Salmon
    • Limited ingredient diet (hypoallergenic) Salmon Large Breed
    • Angus Beef
    • Turkey & Duck
  • Grain-Free Cat foods available in 5 & 11 lb bags
    • Limited ingredient (hypoallergenic) Salmon
    • Turkey & Duck

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*from the makers of Lifetime Pet Food

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