Pumpkin & Goat Milk Latte Supplement for Super Dogs


New Pumpkin Latte, from Super Snouts,  is a functional powder inspired by a favorite fall beverage. Designed to support the digestive & immune systems.  This tasty Pumpkin Latte relieve’s common ailments like acid reflux, upset tummies & irritable bowels. Both you & your dogs will love it!

Pumpkin Latte Highlights & uses:

  • Supports proper digestion & bowel health
  • Promotes stool quality & consistency
  • Reduces diarrhea/constipation
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Prebiotics support healthy intestinal flora
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports healthy anal glands
  • Free of Anti-biotics, GMOs, Pesticides & hormones
  • Serve as a food topper or drinkable treat
  • Functional late night snack
  • Helps prevent acid re-flux
  • Stomach soothing
  • Completely shelf stable
  • Suitable for dogs & cats of all ages
  • Mix up as much as your pet needs with no waste


Pumpklin Latte Ingredients:

  • Whole Goat Milk
  • Pumpkin
  • Apple Fiber
  • Organic Agave Inulin
  • Ceylon Cinnamon


Pumpkin Latte is available in 5 oz. & 10 oz. jars, in cases of  12. We welcome your questions to determine if Super Snouts Pumpkin & Goat Milk supplement or the full range of Super Snouts Supplements belong in your store.

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