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Northland Natural Pet Distributes Tasman’s Rawhides which are NOT part of the recall. Below is a note from Tasman’s you may find helpful. Ken is a very knowledgeable and helping person.

From the desk of Ken Ludwick, Tasman’s Natural Pet:

Just a note to our partners about the rawhide recall announced recently – https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls/ucm562701.htm

You all may, or may not, have heard me droning on and on to customers about one of the main reasons our Bison, Elk and Wild Boar rawhides can sometimes be dark, uneven colored and plain butt ugly, while other beef rawhides are all nicely and evenly colored… It’s because of the way we process them –  as in not using heavy duty degreasers to pull all of the natural oils and fats out of the hides.

The chemical in question on the United Pet Group’s recall (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) is used as a low cost degreaser in the processing of the hides, starting at the tannery. The recall mention it’s used as a “processing aid”… Yeah, to aid in Degreasing the hides…

One reason it may be difficult for a rawhide company to know their hides have been processed with harmful chemicals is they mist buy this raw material from tanneries – some of which will do whatever they can to lower costs.

So, I don’t care if you are making your rawhides in the USA, or Timbucktu – if you aren’t the ones taking the hair off and tanning the hides to begin with, you have no way of knowing what chemicals were used to process those hides.. Not only are we the ones tanning the hides, we’re the ones picking said hides up from the harvesting facilities after slaughter.

I just thought you all may want to know just what the heck quaternary ammonium was and how it could end up in a rawhide chew…

Ken Ludwick | Pack Leader

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