Review Team

Be part of our Pet Product Review Team 

We are inviting pet owners in the Twin Cites area of Minnesota to try pet products and then simply provide a review on our website of your experience with the product.  Interested pet owners will receive an email invitation  with the details of the product that will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

How it works

1. Interested pet owners will receive an email with the details of the product that is available for review and the day and time that product can be picked up.

2. Product will be available for pick up at  Northland Natural Pet, located at 3830 Dight Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406.

3. At the time of pick up our staff will be available to answer any nutritional, product and feeding questions you may have.

4.  After using the product with your pet, you will be able to give a product review and feedback here on our website.

5. Watch your inbox for the next Pet Product Review Details.


Q & A

How do I get on the Product Review email list?

Sign up here.

Are there a limit number of participant accepted?

Each month the review email invitation will provide details on the number of participants needed for the review.

Do I have to participate in every Product Review?

No.  You choose which reviews to participate in.  Ideally we will eventually have a team that participates on a monthly basis.

I do not live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  Can I still participate?

Send an email letting us know the City and State you live in.  We will contact you if we are able to extend the Product Review in your area.


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