All-natural pet mix-ins and meals for dogs made with only the highest-quality ingredients.


Northland is thrilled to announce our partnership with Yummers! Yummers features highly palatable food for dogs and meal mix-ins and toppers for cats and dogs. 



Yummers was co-founded by Antoni Porowski & Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) from the hit Netflix show, Queer Eye! With a combined following of over 12 MILLION social media followers, Antoni & JVN can leverage their following to maximize Yummers visibility. 

Yummers Highlights: 

  • Exclusive Marketing for Independent Pet via the Aisle Program 
    • Aisle Program









  • Dog food, mix-ins, toppers and supplements for dog and cat
  • Leverage the power of Antoni and Jonathan’s 12 MILLION social media followers
  • Custom videos and events from our co-founders that allow you to maximize your social media presence and performance.

Yummers Lineup:

Dog Food – Highly Palatable Food for Dogs. Made and Sourced in the USA (with the exception of New Zealand lamb).












  • Protein Bits
    • Premium animal protein freeze-dried for optimal nutrition
  • Antioxidant Blend
    • Freeze-Dried with vitamins and minerals for a healthy pet. 
  • Purple Sweet Potato 
    • Single-Ingredient packed with fiber to help support digestion.
  • Performance Bits
    • Complex carbs cooked just right to provide fiber for digestion support.

Available in Chicken & Lamb, Salmon & Beef, & Salmon & Lamb:

  • 3oz (makes 10 oz of food when rehydrated)
  • 2lb (makes 6 lbs of food when rehydrated)
  • 5lb (makes 16 lbs of food when rehydrated) 

Freeze-Dried Single Ingredient Meal Mix-Ins for Cats and Dogs – Freeze-drying a single ingredient helps lock in the flavor and nutrients. Available in 2.5 oz bags.

  • Cats & Dogs
    • Beef Liver
    • Chicken Breast
  • Dogs
    • Cheese

Functional Mix-Ins for Cats and Dogs – These supplemental powders can help with common health-related issues. Available in 4 oz bags for cats and 8 oz bags for dogs. 

  • Cats & Dogs
    • Digestion
    • Heart
    • Skin & Coat

Tender Morsel Mix-Ins for Dogs – These meaty morsels are perfect to add flavor and texture to any bowl of food. Available in 5 oz bags. 

  • Dogs
    • Chicken & Ginger
    • Turkey & Cranberry
    • Salmon & Sweet Potato

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