7 Solutions for Skin & Coat

Skin & coat condition may deteriorate when an animal isn’t experiencing its best health. Sometimes it means something is missing from the diet – other times it’s an environmental factor like allergies causing the concern. Consulting with a vet or nutritionist will help you get to the heart of the issue. – But when it comes time for solutions here are our favorites:

(in no particular order)


1. Farmina Natural & Delicious Skin & Coat

  • WHAT: Dry & wet foods for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Formulated to address food sensitivities
  • ALSO: Restore, maintain & strengthen skin & coat health
  • AND: Coconut & turmeric contribute key vitamins, minerals & antioxidants
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal, feed Skin & Coat exclusively for efficacy
  • WHSL: 5.5 lb, 4/case & 15 lb bags (dog) | 3.3 lb bags, 8/case (cat) | 4.9 & 10.5 oz cans, 6/case (dog) | 2.8 oz cans, 12/case (cat)
  • BONUS: Available in multiple novelty proteins


2. Solid Gold Seameal

  • WHAT: Powder & chews for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Provides optimal skin & coat support
  • ALSO: Relieves excessive shedding, hot-spots & flaky skin
  • AND: Delivers iodine + other vitamins, minerals & omega fatty acids with seaweed, flaxseed & digestive enzymes
  • HOW: Give 2x daily as meal topper/mixer
  • WHSL: 5 oz, 1 lb. & 5lb. container (powder) | 120 ct container (chews), 12/case


3. Kin+Kind Functional Shampoo’s  (Topical)

  • WHAT: Organic functional Shampoos for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Tackle chronic skin conditions from the outside
  • ALSO: Clear up yuck caused by environmental allergens; shedding, hot-spots, itchy skin
  • AND: Soothe, smooth, moisturize & gently cleanse with organic oils & plant-based soaps that preserve the natural oils in your pets coat
  • HOW: Bathe 1 x weekly for chronic conditions or as needed
  • WHSL: 12 oz bottles, 16/case | from left: Argan Repair, Oatmeal, Healing Clay & Medicated


4. Kin+Kind Clean Ears, CBD Ears (Topical)

  • WHAT: Alcohol & water-free organic ear cleanser
  • WHY: Prevent infection & relieve itchy ears
  • ALSO: Remove odors & waxy build-up, keep ears dry & clean
  • AND: With witch hazel, soapbark extract, tea tree oil & aloe
  • HOW: Drop into ear canal, then massage at base of ear, use as needed
  • WHSL: 4 oz bottle with dropper, 16/case | Clean Ears & CBD Ears
  • BONUS: Choose CBD Ears to calm + cleanse with CBD oil


5. Kin+Kind Raw Coconut Oil

  • WHAT: Organic extra virgin coconut oil supplement
  • WHY: Provides healthy medium-chain fatty acids
  • ALSO: May offer antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral benefits
  • AND: Raw & cold-pressed to preserve maximum nutrition
  • HOW: Give 2x daily as meal topper/mixer
  • WHSL: 8 oz & 16 oz jars, 9/case


6. Missing Link Skin & Coat Supplements

  • WHAT: Powders & hard chews for dogs
  • WHY: Improves skin & coat + supports whole-body health
  • ALSO: Provides balanced Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids
  • AND: Proprietary processing retains maximum nutrition
  • HOW: Give powders 2x daily as meal toppers/mixers, give SmartMouth once daily
  • WHSL: The Original Missing Link Skin & Coat 1lb, 12/case | Pet Kelp Skin & Coat 8 oz, 6/case | SmartMouth available for Petite/XS, SM/MED & LG/XL dogs in 14 & 28 ct bags


7. Tickled Pet Fish Oils

  • WHAT: Omega 3 liquid fish oil supplements for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Help dogs & cats look and feel great
  • ALSO: Packed with Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids
  • AND: Promote soft & healthy skin & coat + reduce joint pain & inflammation
  • HOW: Give 2x daily as meal topper/mixer
  • WHSL: 16 oz. bottles w/ pump, 12/case
  • BONUS: use the Pollock oil with CBD for additional pain management & calming


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