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Effective Joint Supplement for Dogs

When considering a new purchase, I find customer reviews and testimonials very helpful.  I hope these testimonials will assist you and your pet! – Dawn   Super Snouts JOINT POWER 100% Green Lipped Mussel Powder Recent Testimonials from verified buyers   Miracle Powder!      July 11,2014 Miracle powder… My dog was laid up and […]


Pet Food: Is Bison A Good Choice?

  Today I am sharing this great chart I found.  I wanted to take a closer look at the Naturally Awesome Pet Products from Tasman’s Natural Pet, who specializes in the use of bison meat. Here’s what I found-   Bison are truly natural animals, raised sustainably and humanely without antibiotics and growth hormones. While […]

Pet Food: Organic, Natural or Holistic?

  Most consumers would be surprised to learn that when it comes to pet food, a truly clear cut definition exists for using only one of the three terms Organic, Holistic and Natural.  Care to guess which one?   If you guessed organic, you are correct.  Organic in relation to labeling is clearly defined by […]