Cats Win! New Decadent Textures & Wholesome Nutrition

Solid Gold strives to offer premium, holistic, natural diets. We love their blend of superfoods, active pro-biotics and perfect proteins. With over 40 years developing comprehensive formula compositions for natural pet nutrition they have a long history being dedicated to goodness. – Which might be why we’re so excited about their latest wet foods innovations…

Their newest products for cats include two decadent new grain & gluten free wet foods. These products offer great nutrition and delightful textures for cats in people friendly packaging.

Solid Gold Wet Cat Food CupPurrfect Pairings™ Savory Mousse Cups

  • light & airy texture
  • grain & gluten free
  • savory mousse tempts selective eaters
  • real meat with goat milk
  • easy to digest
  • essential nutrients
  • available in 6 pairings


Solid Gold Wet Cat Food PouchesHolistic Delights™ Creamy Bisque Pouches

  • real meat pieces
  • grain & gluten free
  • creamy coconut milk bisque
  • easy-to-digest calcium
  • available in 6 pairings





We found both choices palatable to our shop cats and home cats. The mousse is nice and filling but fluffy – different from a heavier pate. The bisque is really creamy with real meat pieces like a thick stew. Both options seem like a great way to add a little extra moisture to a cats diet. Appropriate on their own, as an topping to dry food or served as a treat – these products are versatile and easy to use.


Solid Gold Wet Food Cat


Both items look great on the shelf in their individualized packaging which is easy to place and to pull product from. We think they have allot of potential to draw attention and beautify retail self-space, what a great new addition to the Solid Gold Menu!



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