Easy Tip to Engage Your Facebook Community

Quick tip of the day

Today we have a super simple & fun business tip for you!

Your pet business is on Facebook, right?

Because of recent Facebook algorithm changes, many of your fans are no longer able to see your content.


Fun with dogs









Want a sure-fire way to increase engagement with your Facebook community?

Post a silly picture and ask others to caption it.

We all love photos of animals being hilarious!

Sharing a fun photo creates opportunity for you to connect with your followers.


Fun with dogs











For business pages on Facebook, it is important to do more than talk about your products and sell your services.

Posting a funny photo & connecting with your online community is both valuable and fun.


Fun with cats













Note: if you are using a photo that is not yours, be sure to link back to the original photo!


Photo source 1 // 2 // 3


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