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Handy Holder Product

NEW Handy Holder from Litter Lifter

Northland is excited to bring in Handy Holder from Litter Lifter. This is a fabulous product that gives your litter scoop a home.   The Handy Holder can be hung on the wall, the litter box itself, or it comes with a removable base which allows it to be set on a shelf. Handy Holder comes […]

Tasman Natural Pet A Good Company to Know

A big shout out  to our friends at Tasman’s Natural Pet! We congratulate Tasman’s on being named the 2016 Imagine Awards  Business Honoree by Rauch, Inc. The vision of the Imagine Awards is to celebrate those who are committed to making a better community and world for people with disabilities… “A Community Where Everyone Belongs.”  At […]

Vital Essentials Recall. Northland Retailers Not Affected.

Vital Essentials is recalling two limited batches of Frozen Beef Tripe.  Vital Essentials and Northland Natural Pet records show we did not  receive or distribute any of the recalled product. Below are complete details, with lot numbers and best used by dates for your reference. Northland Natural Pet, distributes natural & holistic pet food and […]


Easy Tip to Engage Your Facebook Community

Quick tip of the day Today we have a super simple & fun business tip for you! Your pet business is on Facebook, right? Because of recent Facebook algorithm changes, many of your fans are no longer able to see your content.                   Want a sure-fire way […]


Stress & A Long Healthy Life

  Do you believe stress is bad for your health?  If you answered “yes”, you could be setting yourself up for a shorter life.  Kelly McGonigal shares academic research in her Ted Talk that puts a whole new perspective on stress and the impact it can have your health, happiness and success. If ideas and data […]


3 Results Per Week = Successful Pet Business

  Running and growing a successful pet business is fun and challenging all at once.  Managing all the tasks that need to be completed can feel overwhelming and sometimes a bit impossible to keep up with!   Beyond to-do lists Most business owners keep some kind of to-do list. Your lists may be well organized, […]


Dreams Come True With Staff Workshops Part 2

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.”- Robert Fritz, Author Did you miss Part One? Make Dreams Come True With Staff Workshops Last week my team learned about setting goals. Thinking big, being specific with […]


Make Dreams Come True With Staff Workshops

 “If a man for whatever reason has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.” – Jacques-Yues Cousteau If  you own or manage a  small business it is your responsibility to grow and build value in your company.   Regular staff training and workshops are an excellent and […]


Pipeline Deals To Improve Customer Service

  At Solid Gold Northland Health Products For Pets, our outstanding staff work as a team to support our customers and clients as well as prospective customers. In an effort to streamline and synchronize inter-company communication between inside and outside account representatives, I set out midyear to find a Customer relationship management (CRM) platform to […]


DNA Employee Feeder & Loyalty Program

  Dried-N-Alive Pet Food,  a.k.a DNA Pet Food has launched “Real Rewards.” Real Rewards is a both an Employee Feeding Program for  employees, managers, and owners of pet supply stores and a Customer Loyalty Program. Each store employee can earn up to $120 in free dog or cat food (up to four 3 lb. bags) every […]