3 Results Per Week = Successful Pet Business


Pet Business SuccessRunning and growing a successful pet business is fun and challenging all at once.  Managing all the tasks that need to be completed can feel overwhelming and sometimes a bit impossible to keep up with!


Beyond to-do lists

Most business owners keep some kind of to-do list. Your lists may be well organized, scattered on post-it notes or floating around in your head (for sometimes difficult retrieval.)  However you manage your to-do list and keep your business running, you can do one thing each week to take your success to the next level.  The Strategic Coach introduced me to a concept they call the 3 Crucial Results.

How often do your hear yourself say, “I need  to get (blank) done”, or “ I have a really good idea for  my business, but I just haven’t taken the time to do it, or “I have so much to do, I don’t know where to start”.  We all have endless conversations like these with ourselves.


Greater success

The solution is to identify three tasks that you decide are most important (crucial) to accomplish this week.  I decide on these 3 items on Monday morning and I write them on my weekly planner. 

To help me identify the 3 Crucial Results for my week,  it helps to ask myself:

  • What MUST be completed this week?
  • If I could only do 3 things, what will make the biggest positive impact for my business?
  • What have I been avoiding doing, that I don’t ever want to have to think about again?

Identifying  3 Crucial Results I am going to commit to achieving each week, forces me to think bigger, commit bigger and have greater success.


Write them down

Writing my 3 Crucial Results down on paper, makes them real, reminds me, and is making a commitment to myself. 

 If I write them down, I do them.  If I don’t write them, they likely will not get done…ever!

On Monday morning I identify and write my 3 Crucial Results for the week on my weekly calendar.  Here is what I wrote this Monday to give you an idea:

  1. Complete and approve web banner #3
  2. Prepare regional prospect list and map to present to team at Friday’s workshop.
  3. Choose August review product and get approval from manufacturer if needed.


150 Successes per year

Completing these three items are proactive, not reactive and will provide 3 big wins for me this week! Yes, I will likely complete a hundred other little tasks, as well.  But if I did nothing else these three items are huge for me, my business and my team. 

If you do this for 50 weeks of the year, you will have 150 Crucial Results! 150 results of which, many  would have NEVER been done!  That’s what I call success!

Write down your 3 Crucial Results for the week and check them off as you complete them.  I promise you will feel like and be the biggest winner!

Have a great week in the pet business!


To the health of your business,

Dawn Peterson Cobb

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