DNA Employee Feeder & Loyalty Program


Dried-N-Alive Pet Food,  a.k.a DNA Pet Food has launched “Real Rewards.” Real Rewards is a both an Employee Feeding Program for  employees, managers, and owners of pet supply stores and a Customer Loyalty Program.

Each store employee can earn up to $120 in free dog or cat food (up to four 3 lb. bags) every month by handing out  Free Product Vouchers to consumers. Each employee registers on line, where they can print 40 vouchers per month to hand out to consumers at work, or any time throughout the day, like at the store or gym, for example. (All Vouchers are store-specific to the store the employee works at.)

When consumers receive their voucher , they log on to the web address shown on the voucher (using their own computer) to print off a coupon for a free 8 oz. bag of DNA. When the consumer enters the number from the voucher it ties back to the store employee and to the retail store.

The consumer will receive three more high value coupons via email over the next 90 days, that are printed with “MAY  ONLY BE REDEEMED AT… (the pet store where the employee works that gave them the voucher.) After 90 days of email offers, each consumer is invited to “tell a friend” by sending them the same offer for free DNA dog or cat food and discounts on pet food.

The beauty of this program is it gives the opportunity to the consumer to try DNA Pet Food for free, plus additional discounts, incorporates an employee feeder program  for store employees and builds customer loyalty and increased sales  by directing consumers back to the same store.

Pet Supply Stores can started today by contacting Solid Gold Northland for an easy ISO.

Store Employees can get started by registering at www.dnapetfood.com/rewards

Pet owners can get started with their free bag of DNA Pet food by asking for it from your favourite Solid Gold Northland Retailer or contacting our office.

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