What Makes DNA Pet Food Unique?


Last week I introduced you to Dried-N-Alive Pet Food, also known as DNA pet food; today I would like to share some points that make DNA unique.


WHAT: DNA is not extruded and contains no starch fillers (grain/potato) like regular kibble. DNA is 60% Meat, 15% Egg, 15% whole fruits and veggies, 10% added oils and has no Chinese vitamins.

WHY: Regular kibble contains 50-60% flour from grains and potatoes-dogs and cats are not grazing animals and can develop health problems over time from consuming an unnatural level of starch fillers.


WHAT: DNA’s raw ingredients are blended together and air-dried at 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

WHY: This low temperature drying process retains on average 60% of the amino acids, enzymes and naturally occurring food found in raw food. DNA offers a convenient way to bring variety to a raw or kibble or canned food diet.


WHAT: DNA adds a different premium oil to each formula.

WHY: Every formula is optimally balanced with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids. Every meal has a different Omega Fatty acid profile, so different oils are used in each formula to achieve a 7:1 ratio.


WHAT: DNA can be rehydrated back into its original meaty form.

WHY: DNA is a convenient replacement for raw food-every 3 lbs. makes about 10 lbs. of raw food, or 10 lbs of canned food (12/13.2 oz. cans). DNA will absorb about 2.3 times its weight in (warm) water without turning mushy-it rehydrates back into meaty cubes. Shipping water is expensive-why not add your own at home?


WHAT: A cup of DNA weighs about 35 grams, and a cup of extruded kibble weighs about 90 grams.

WHY: DNA has a lot of kcal/per pound, but because it is so light, you can feed about the same number of cups as you feed with extruded kibble. This way your dog does not think his is getting less when he looks in the bowl. A 12 lb. bag has about 90 cups an will last a 50 lb. dog about 3-4 weeks depending on activity level.


WHAT: DNA is air-dried, not freeze dried.

WHY: DNA is the least expensive alternative food available- about half the cost to feed raw and about 25% the cost to feed of freeze-dried foods.

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To the health & happiness of you and your pet,

Dawn Peterson Cobb

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