Introducing Dried-N-Alive Pet Food

 Gently dried pet food. Feed dry or rehydrate.

The food choices you make for your pet can do great things for their health. Knowing this makes it fun to feed the dog and cat!

Solid Gold Northland has added Dried-N-Alive Pet Food to our select catalog of holistic, natural pet foods. Our bodies, as well as our pets, benefit from the inclusion of minimally processed and living foods in our diets. Minimally processed foods are likely to provide many benefits, such as; moisture for the internal organs, active living enzymes and provide a more species appropriate ingredients list without the needed starches for manufacturing.

It’s simple and nutritious- 60% meat, 15 % whole egg, 15% whole fruits and veggies & 10% oil. Dried-N-Alive, also known as D.N.A. is gently dried at low temperatures; the result is a dried, nutritionally alive dog food made without the starch fillers such as grain or potato currently found in most commercial dog foods.

Dried-N-Alive is a new breed of dry food; it starts out as a raw food and is made in a cannery. It is mixed and made into large sausages and refrigerated until it sets up. Then it is diced and sent to a low temperature drying room (instead of being sent off to be cooked inside of a can). This drying process leaves about 2/3 of the amino acids and enzymes intact of raw food. The resulting dried dices of DNA pour and feed just like a kibble, or may be rehydrated with warm water back into its original meaty form.

D.N.A. is both the ultimate filler free dry food, and an environmentally friendly wet food (no aluminum can, no water to ship) when rehydrated. Every 3 lbs of DNA may be compared nutritionally to about 9 pounds of raw food, or 12 – 13.2 oz. cans.

Read all the details **Dried-N-Alive FAQ Sheet**

Dried-N-Alive currently offers four complete and balanced formulas for all life stages for dogs.

• Chicken Formula

• Lamb Formula

• Venison and Salmon Formula

• Beef Formula

Coming Soon DNA for cats!

Ask for Dried-N-Alive Pet food at your favorite Solid Gold Northland Retailer.

Contact us if  you have questions about your pet’s diet.


To the happiness and health of you & your pet,

Dawn Peterson Cobb

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