Dreams Come True With Staff Workshops Part 2

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.”- Robert Fritz, Author

Team Members Jill and RachaelDid you miss Part One? Make Dreams Come True With Staff Workshops

Last week my team learned about setting goals. Thinking big, being specific with what they want and to ask the question, “what they want, not how to get it.”

Their assignment was to write down 50 things they want/goals, pertaining to their jobs and our company. They were instructed to bring their lists to Day 2 of our workshop.



Workshop Outline Day 2

Making Your Dreams Come True

Step 3 (of 6) to Success

Step 3: Visualize the results you want

Jack Canfield video part 1 – Visualization

Jack Canfield video part 2 – Visualization

After the team completed watching the two video segments, I shared with the group the vision board that I made.  I shared my visions for two main reasons-

1.  To give them an idea, vision of what they will be making to support the goals they have written

2. Sharing my goals with my team will make acheiving my goal easier; as now they are consciously aware of my direction and will likely  include my goals into their own

Homework assignment

Create your own vision board. Your vision board is to support the list of 50 goals you wrote down. Bring your vision boards to next week’s workshop and we will share them with the group.

Learn more about making your own empowering Vision Board.

End of Day 2


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