Vital Essentials Raw Expands Pet Food Line

Solid Gold Northland is happy to announce new products available from Vital Essentials Raw!

Vital Essentials has created a product like no other, a raw diet comprised of 100% meat, organ meat, and bone. They call it the ALPHA diet, and it’s designed to give your pet the quality of nutrition that only the biggest, strongest, healthiest member of a pack would receive in the wild.

Vital Essentials products contain a minimum of 45% organ meats, providing an incredible wealth of nutrition for your pet.


Exciting New Products from Vital Essentials.

Freeze-Dried Entrées for CatsVital Essentials Freeze Dried Cat Food Entree

  • Delightful Duck Nibblets
  • Classic Chicken Nibblets
  • Tender & Tasty Turkey Nibblets
  • Cold Water Catch Nibblets

Available in 8 oz. bags


Freeze-Dried Toppers for Dogs & Cats

  • Toppers BeefVital Essentials Topper For Dogs & Cats
  • Toppers Chicken
  • Toppers Fish
  • Toppers Turkey

Available in 6 oz. bags


Frozen Entrées for DogsVital Essentials Raw Frozen Duck & Rabbit For Dogs

(Locally Sourced in Iowa and Minnesota)

  • Duck
  • Rabbit

Available in Patties -6 lb. bags and Nibblets- 3 lb. bags


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