Make Dreams Come True With Staff Workshops

 “If a man for whatever reason has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.” – Jacques-Yues Cousteau

Make Your Dreams Come True WorkshopIf  you own or manage a  small business it is your responsibility to grow and build value in your company.   Regular staff training and workshops are an excellent and often overlooked investment of time that will pay great  dividends.

Many business owners have big goals and dreams,  and they know the “secret”  to make dreams a reality.  Provide a workshop and teach your staff to dream big and how to make dreams come true.  Empowering your staff  will enrich their personal lives and will equip them to be significant players in reaching the big dreams you have for the company.


Workshop Outline Day 1

Making Your Dreams Come True

3 Principles to Make Your Dreams Come True


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1.       Focus more time and energy on the achieving your dream.

2.       Surround yourself with positive people.

3.       Take 100% responsibility for your life.  Event + Response = Outcome


2 (of 6) Steps to Success


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1.       Decide what you want. (Think BIG. Ask what, not how.  The how will come later.)

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2.       Set specific goals and objectives.


Homework assignment

Each staff member’s assignment is to write down 50 things they want or goals, pertaining to their jobs and our company.  Bring your written list to next week’s meeting.  The list will be used in an upcoming project.

End of Day 1

(I will post Workshop Day 2 after next Fridays Training.)


by Dawn Peterson Cobb

Founder & President

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