Health Benefits of Solid Gold Pet Food


Healthy Active DogYou love your pets. When they are not healthy or feeling well, it affects your peace of mind. The good news is, you have the power to make choices to improve your pets health and well-being.

Healthy pets start with a healthy diet. With Solid Gold natural pet food, supplements and treats, you can take pride in knowing you’re giving your pet a solid, nutritionally complete foundation for a healthy, active life.

All Solid Gold products are specially formulated to achieve proven health benefits for your pet:

• Healthy skin and shiny coat, with the proper color and texture

• Elimination of allergies, including the prevention of dry, itchy and sensitive skin and allergy-related licking, chewing and ear infections

• Elimination of digestive trouble

• Healthy immune function

• Maintain a healthy body weight

• Healthy energy levels

• Delicious taste your pet will love

• Nutritionally satisfying meal that helps control hunger between feedings

• Healthy, happy pets!

Over the past fifteen years, I have seen Solid Gold change the health and lives of thousands of dogs and cats; eliminating allergies, digestion problems, weakened immune systems, skin and coat issues, obesity, chronic pain and virtually all other health problems. That may seem like a strong statement, but that is the power of proper nutrition and ingredient choices.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to impact the health of your pet. Go to a Solid Gold retailer today, pick up a bag of Solid Gold food and Seameal for your dog or cat, and begin to introduce it by mixing it with your current food. My biggest hope is that you will be empowered through the discovery of proper food and will no longer question whether you are promoting health or disease with your food choices for your pets (or yourself).


To the health & happiness of you and your pet,

Dawn Peterson Cobb


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Photo credit: Dave Hamster / / CC BY