Solid Gold Dog food

Solid Gold High Protein Duck

Sold Gold High Protein for Active Dogs & Cats

In stores now next level nutrition for physically active pets!     “Empower your best friend with a high-protein food purposefully created to deliver naturally balanced nourishment and fuel your pets’s wildest adventures. ”     Solid Gold High Protein for Cats and Dogs “contributes to the balance of your pets whole-body health.” The entire line […]


Whole Dog Journal Approved Dog Foods 2014

Congratulations to Solid Gold Pet, Great Life Performance Pet Food and Pioneer Naturals for being named on The Whole Dog Journal (WDJ) 2014 List of Approved Dry Dog Foods. For 17 years WDJ has been annually reviewing dog foods to assist dog owner in food selection. Ask For Solid Gold, Great Life or Pioneer Naturals […]


Peek at Solid Gold’s New Can Food Labels

Same great ingredients,  fresh new look Solid Gold’s successful line of canned food for dogs is getting a fresh new look with redisgned labels. The ingredient list is expected to remain unchanged. Solid Gold canned food for dogs is a great choice for all dogs, especially those prone to allergies, digestive upsets, urinary tract problems and finicky eaters. Four healthy and tasty formula […]


Health Benefits of Solid Gold Pet Food

  You love your pets. When they are not healthy or feeling well, it affects your peace of mind. The good news is, you have the power to make choices to improve your pets health and well-being. Healthy pets start with a healthy diet. With Solid Gold natural pet food, supplements and treats, you can […]

Notes from a Skeptic: Steve’s Real Raw Food

  I’ll admit it. I was very skeptical. I’d heard about raw food diets over the years from fellow German Shepherd Dog owners who’d swear that their special raw combination was the healthiest combination for their dogs to experience less gastrointestinal upset, increased energy levels, and even shed less (insert “German Shedder” joke here). When […]


Her-story: Solid Gold Brand Holistic Pet Food

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History. Common questions we get here at Solid Gold Northland are; who developed the Solid Gold line of holistic products for pets, how long have they been around and why do I hear it is such a good food.   In the early 1970’s, Sissy Harrington Mcgill, a schoolteacher and […]


Solid Gold Bison Dog Food: Back In Stock

As you may know, the manufacturing contract between Solid Gold and Diamond Pet Foods was terminated in April leaving Solid Gold Health Products For Pets, Inc. with little supply of WolfCub, WolfKing, and Just a Wee Bit dog foods and no definite manufacturing plans. Solid Gold spent the last 3 months searching for a new […]


Solid Gold Packaging- Sealed For Freshness

As a experieced Solid Gold distributor, this is a comman customer question I recieve: Q. Some of the Solid Gold Pet food bags are hard, rigid and ”vacuum-sealed like” and some bags are softer and loose, what causes the difference? Here are a couple points I think will be helpful to our customers: WolfKing, Wee […]


Compare Solid Gold Pet Food Formulas

With the addition of Solid Gold’s newest dog food Sun Dancer, Solid Gold now offers a complete line of 11 holistic dog and cat food formulas. The chart below will help to guide you to the best choice for your dogs and cats. All of Solid Gold’s formulas are developed to be “non-allergenic”,  enhance total health, boost […]


Customer Story: Compliments At The Dog Park

Hearing from our customers and their success with our products, is always delight for me! Yesterday while visiting with the buyer at one of our retailer’s stores, he happily shared with me his satisfaction with feeding Solid Gold to his own black lab and what happened when he ran out of Solid Gold recently. Here […]