Customer Story: Compliments At The Dog Park

Hearing from our customers and their success with our products, is always delight for me!

Yesterday while visiting with the buyer at one of our retailer’s stores, he happily shared with me his satisfaction with feeding Solid Gold to his own black lab and what happened when he ran out of Solid Gold recently.

Here is his experience he shared with me.

Chuck has been feeding his black lab Solid Gold for many years. He trusts the ingredients and the brand, carries it in his stores and chooses it for his own dog. Not long ago he ran out of food for his dog and a sales rep from a different food manufacturer offered Chuck a free bag of food to try with his dog. Chuck took the bag and feed it to the dog. While feeding the 40 pounds of dog food his dog experienced bouts of vomiting; things were not going very smooth. By week 3 his once shiny coat was dull with dander. Needless to say, the lab is back on his Solid Gold food and in great health. His coat is shiny again and he is back to getting compliments on his good looks when at the dog park.

A sincere thank you to the Solid Gold Brand of pet food, our loyal customers and all of you who so kindly take the time to share your comments with us.

To the health & happiness of you & your  pet,

Dawn Peterson Cobb