Pet Food Reviews


Blogger Reviews: Solid Gold Jerky Treats

  This month, we launched our Blogger Review Team & we are so excited to share these great bloggers with you!   Each month, we will select one product & have our bloggers test it out and share the results with us and other pet lovers!   This month, we selected Solid Gold Jerky Treats. […]


Great Life Dog & Cat Food Reviews

  In February, we invited 70 of our customers to test out Great Life Dry Dog and Cat food with their pets for 30 days & get back to us with their reviews!   We got such a great response; we wanted to share with you!   Great Life is a holistic kibble brand for […]


Reading Pet Food Reviews Can Be Helpful!

  Bravo!  – to Solid Gold Northland’s  Pet Product Review Team.  On June 1st, 2013 we invited a group of Twin Cities pet owners to come our warehouse to pickup free products for their dogs and cats. Each team went home with a case of Solid Gold grain- free dog and/or cat canned foods.  The […]

Notes from a Skeptic: Steve’s Real Raw Food

  I’ll admit it. I was very skeptical. I’d heard about raw food diets over the years from fellow German Shepherd Dog owners who’d swear that their special raw combination was the healthiest combination for their dogs to experience less gastrointestinal upset, increased energy levels, and even shed less (insert “German Shedder” joke here). When […]


Customer Story: Compliments At The Dog Park

Hearing from our customers and their success with our products, is always delight for me! Yesterday while visiting with the buyer at one of our retailer’s stores, he happily shared with me his satisfaction with feeding Solid Gold to his own black lab and what happened when he ran out of Solid Gold recently. Here […]