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Solid Gold Northland Pet Food Review TeamIn February, we invited 70 of our customers to test out Great Life Dry Dog and Cat food with their pets for 30 days & get back to us with their reviews!


We got such a great response; we wanted to share with you!


Great Life is a holistic kibble brand for both dogs and cats. Each bite provides your pet with fresh meat and freeze-dried raw protein.  All Great Life dry food recipes also contain raw freeze-dried greens, fruit and vegetables, organic mixed baby sprouts and pre- and probiotics.


All participants were sent home with a month supply of one of Great Life’s  formulas for dogs or cats: 


Grain & Potato Free Great Life Buffalo Dog FoodGreat Life Holistic Pet Food

Grain & Potato Free Great Life Chicken Dog Food

Grain & Potato Free Great Life Wild Salmon Dog Food


Great Life Pasture Raised Buffalo Dog Food

Great Life Free Range Chicken Dog Food

Great Life New Zealand Lamb Dog Food

Great Life Wild Salmon Dog Food


Grain & Potato Free Chicken Cat Food

Grain & Potato Free Wild Salmon Cat Food


You can read the full ingredient lists here.


Here are a few things our customers are saying about Great Life Pet Food:


My Finicky Dogs LOVED it!

Francis M -Hastings, MN Dogs: 9

Name of Product: GREAT LIFE Dog Food

2 Features: Fresh Meat and Freeze Dried Raw Ingredients

2 Benefits: Picky Dogs Love this. Love that Pre & probiotics are in the ingredients.

Con: I Couldn’t find Any reason I wouldn’t continue to feed this great food          to my dogs; young and old.

Review: I have 9 dogs AND 4 Puppies and they All love Great Life! It is a great size kibble for the babies and they did Fabulous on this food. Freeze dried Raw Greens, Fruits and Vegetables; a food for all stages of life. No gas or loose stools when I rotated this food into their diet, they all were thrilled with their new meal.  This food tasted great and I could use it as a training treat too.

Recommended for: All dogs


Great company philosophy in action

Nancy B. Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 4 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food

2 Features: No GMOs, no cheap fillers

2 Benefits: Good nutrition, great taste

Con: none

Review: I’m rather particular about what I feed my dogs and am careful to check the ingredients in their food. The first Great Life dog variety I tried was ”Chicken, Grain & Potato Free”. It’s good to know that the number one ingredient is real meat, that there are no GMOs, and that the ingredients are U.S. sourced. While there’s a long list of ingredients on the label, it’s worth reading through to see the effort put into making a great product with beneficial ingredients. I’m happy I can get a product without grain AND without potato.

Recommended for: All dogs


Another big hit with Kayleigh!

Jill L – St. Paul MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Great Life free range chicken cat food

2 Features: Healthy ingredients, grain free

2 Benefits: Good taste, smaller kibble

Con:  none

Review: I have two cats at home. Kayleigh loved this food and quickly gobbled it up. Nelly would eat about half and then leave the rest. They both tolerated this food well. The ingredients list is amazing!

Recommend for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble


Great Product

Terri Ann L – St. Paul, MN Cats: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Dry Cat Food

2 Features: Healthy ingredients, like how product is made

2 Benefits: Cats love the taste & their coats look good.

Con: Cats had never eaten round food. They had to learn how to eat. There were no ”little arms” to grab on to.

Review: I really like everything about this company. The Ingredients, the manufacturing process and the care they have put into creating a great food.?Will definitely be buying again

Recommend for: All Cats


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