Pet Food Reviews


Blogger Reviews: Solid Gold Jerky Treats

  This month, we launched our Blogger Review Team & we are so excited to share these great bloggers with you!   Each month, we will select one product & have our bloggers test it out and share the results with us and other pet lovers!   This month, we selected Solid Gold Jerky Treats. […]


Great Life Dog & Cat Food Reviews

  In February, we invited 70 of our customers to test out Great Life Dry Dog and Cat food with their pets for 30 days & get back to us with their reviews!   We got such a great response; we wanted to share with you!   Great Life is a holistic kibble brand for […]


Reading Pet Food Reviews Can Be Helpful!

  Bravo!  – to Solid Gold Northland’s  Pet Product Review Team.  On June 1st, 2013 we invited a group of Twin Cities pet owners to come our warehouse to pickup free products for their dogs and cats. Each team went home with a case of Solid Gold grain- free dog and/or cat canned foods.  The […]