NEW Handy Holder from Litter Lifter

NEW_Litter-Lifter_Logo_Magic_ScoopNorthland is excited to bring in Handy Holder from Litter Lifter. This is a fabulous product that gives your litter scoop a home.


The Handy Holder can be hung on the wall, the litter box itself, or it comes with a removable base which allows it to be set on a shelf.Handy Holder

Handy Holder comes in a variety of colors – match your Litter Lifter scoop to your Handy Holder or switch it up!

Missy has been using the Handy Holder for quite some time and she loves it! Her three favorite things about it are:

  1. It gives her somewhere to store her scoop that looks nice.
  2. It has multiple options on how to use (mount to the wall, stand on the floor, or hang on the litter box).
  3. It’s easy to clean.

Everything needs a place! Keep your litter area clean and tidy with the Litter Lifter’s Handy Holder. Now available at Northland.


An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions on how to bring Handy Holder into your store.

Litter Lifter

Litter Lifter is an innovator when it comes to litter scoops. Their scoops have parallel triangular tines that cannot pick up clean litter.  The other traditional scoops clog as they fill with clean litter which needs to be shaken out to separate the waste from the clean litter. Litter Lifter scoops catch even the smallest waste with the first pass without scooping up the clean unused litter.

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