Pipeline Deals To Improve Customer Service


At Solid Gold Northland Health Products For Pets, our outstanding staff work as a team to support our customers and clients as well as prospective customers. In an effort to streamline and synchronize inter-company communication between inside and outside account representatives, I set out midyear to find a Customer relationship management (CRM) platform to help automate sales activity and customer service.

There are many, many CRM option on the internet and the cost and features vary as does user friendliness and initial setup for your company. After studying about a dozen different CRM options and looking closely at several, when I came across Pipeline Deals I had found our company’s CRM fit.

Pipeline Deals was so easy for me the Admin, to set up and personalize for our company’s needs. I was able to set up all Admin settings in about two hours and have spent maybe an additional two hours to fine tune settings as we have learned more about Pipeline’s capabilities during use over the past month.

Pipeline Deals provide super ease of use for each team member and the team is using Pipeline daily to manage clients, sales processes, customer service and interactions. The team is able to assign tasks for themselves and other to improve inter-company communications and overall customer service. Staff members have commented to me, they really like how easy Pipeline is to use, how time saving it is for assigning tasks and sharing and moving along the sales and service processes.

Pipeline Deals pricing allowed me to set up user accounts for our entire sales and support team members. Pricing varies widely among CRM options, not all of them were priced where I could justify the cost of including support staff accounts.

Pipeline’s mobile app, I find is not the strongest and I look forward to upcoming improvements.

If your job at your company, is to develop efficient procedures for your team to provide effective sales and customer service, Pipeline Deals maybe the tool to assist in managing your company-wide business strategies, whether you are a company of one or many.

To the health of your business,

Dawn Peterson Cobb

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