“Great Life” Pet Food….What’s In a Name?


When visiting your local independent pet store, you may be surprised to see the bewildering number of natural pet food brands offered for sale.  It seems pet food companies have gotten the message from pet parents that “natural” is in, and “cheap” is out when it comes to our furry faced, four legged children.  However, are all natural foods created equally?  The answer to that is both yes and no.  Yes, all pet foods must be “complete and balanced” according to government standards, and no, not all pet foods are the same.  The purpose of this article is to tell you how wildly different one pet food is compared to most others.


In case you were wondering, there are no kibble bushes out there in the wild!  However, kibble has been getting healthier since it was first invented in the mid-twentieth century as a way to combine waste ingredients from the human food supply chain with technology to make an easy to feed kibble.  Today’s natural kibbles have better ingredients and more meat than ever before.  However,    Great Life Pet Food has managed to elevate kibble to the greatest nutritional heights ever achieved.  Before we tell you how this occurred, we’d like to tell you about the man that created this unique food.


Elliot Harvey - Founder Great Life Pet FoodDr. Elliot Harvey, founder of Great Life Pet Food has made his life’s mission the improvement of dog and cat kibble.  Dr. Harvey has nine degrees or certifications in health disciplines ranging from acupuncture and hydrotherapy to Herbology.  He studied medicine at the University of Beijing in China, where he learned how to combine Western technology with what is referred to as Eastern Medicine that originated in China over 5000 years ago.   Fresh from his journey to learn medicine in China, Dr. Harvey was invited to formulate foods for the Queen of England’s horses and Corgis.  Drawing on his work for the royal family,  Dr. Harvey then decided to develop the perfect dog and cat foods for sale to consumers in America.  Initially what started as an operation based out of his garage in California has grown into a wholly owned state of the art pet food manufacturing plant in Dublin, Texas.


When asked the question of what is behind the name of his food,   Dr. Harvey simply says nutrition is the foundation for a Great Life.  This is the reason he invented a completely new process to soak Great Life Kibble in a 5% mixture of uncooked, freeze dried ingredients and salmon oil.  These uncooked ingredients offer a more natural source of vitamins, minerals, fat and enzymes that dogs and cats need when digesting the cooked foods that their ancestors historically never ate.


Because Dr. Harvey owns his own pet food plant, he is able to offer Great Life Pet Foods at a price that is no more expensive than other “natural” foods offered for sale in pet Great Life Plantstores.


When we consider that a pound of freeze dried raw food by itself from other companies sells for about $30 in most pet stores, it is amazing to think that a 30 lb. bag of Great Life has the equivalent of $45 in freeze dried raw food at no extra charge!


Pick up a bag of Great Life today and see for yourself the healthy difference in your pet that real freeze-dried raw food ingredients make.


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