Introducing Canine Naturals Hide-Free Dog Chews


Northland is excited to bring in Canine Naturals Hide Free Dog Chews! Their chews are 100% rawhide-free to ensure easy digestion while helping to clean dogs’ teeth and satisfy their natural chewing instinct. Canine Natural Chews are available in a variety of flavors, sizes, and shapes.


Product Highlights:

  • 100% Rawhide and Collagen Free Formula
  • Easily Digestible – Over 95% Digested in 18 Hours 
  • Helps Clean Teeth & Gums 
  • Excellent for Puppies, Seniors, & Non-Aggressive Chewers 
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Fillers 
  • Available in Sticks, Rolls, & Knots in a Variety of Sizes

Product Lines:


Canine Natural Sticks:

Canine Natural Sticks are great for any sized dog. They are available in Beef, Chicken, & Peanut Butter flavors. The sticks are 5 inches long and are available in 10 & 40 packs.



Canine Natural Rolls:

Canine Natural Rolls come in a variety of sizes and packs making them great for any sized dog! These are available in:

  • Small Rolls – 2.5″ for Dogs 5-20lbs
    • Chicken & Peanut Butter Flavors
    • Comes in a 6 Pack
  • Medium Rolls – 4″ for Dogs 20-50lbs
    • Chicken & Peanut Butter Flavors
    • Comes in a 2 Pack
    • Also available individually wrapped in a 60 pack POP box
  • Large Rolls – 7″ for Dogs 50-75lbs
    • Beef, Chicken & Peanut Butter Flavors
    • Comes in a 2 or 5 pack
    • Also available individually wrapped in a 42 pack POP box
  • Extra-Large Rolls – 10″ for Dogs 75lbs +
    • Chicken & Peanut Butter Flavors
    • Comes in a 2 pack



Canine Natural Knots:

Canine Natural Mini Knots are great for dogs 5-20lbs and are available in Chicken and Peanut Butter Flavors. The Mini Knots are available in 12 packs.



An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine how these Hide-Free Chews fit your store.

Canine Naturals Hide Free Chews

Canine Naturals is a 100% rawhide-free chew line. They have a variety of chews available in different flavors and sizes – great for any sized dog. Canine Natural products are free of Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Fillers.  

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