Introducing Omega 3 Family Pets


We’re happy to introduce a new treat brand. Omega 3 Family Pets, made by a group of Midwest meat producers passionate about quality, sustainability, and delicious natural foods. And excited to offer their debut selection of Omega-rich, deli cut dog treats!


Brand Highlights:

  • First to market concept: Omega 3 enriched meats
  • Plans to expand with more pet products (treats, chews)
  • They maintain absolute control over their supply chain
  • Human and pet products produced with the same standards
  • Proprietary feed produces healthier animals & healthier meats
  • They are dedicated to producing great quality, all-natural products
  • They are independent exclusive – no big box, no chewy’s

Product Highlights:

  • Made in Minnesota
  • Real deli cuts of meat
  • High in protein & taurine
  • Naturally containing Omega 3’s
  • All-natural, Midwest sourced ingredients
  • Each package contains 100 mg. of Omega 3 per ounce
  • Each product provides Omega 3’s ALA, DHA & EPA
  • So fresh you have to refrigerate after opening!
  • NEW resealable packaging!

Omega 3 Treats:

  • Pork Jerky (squares)
    • Made with pork loin, ham & shoulder
    • 4 oz. pkg./400 mg of Omega 3’s
  • Beef Jerky (strips)
    • Made with beef shoulder, round & middle cuts
    • 4 oz. pkg./400 mg of Omega 3’s
  • Pork Sausage (links)
    •  Made with pork loin, ham & shoulder
    • 4 oz. pkg./400 mg of Omega 3’s

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids are an essential part of your dog’s diet
  • Omega 3’s support whole-body health
  • Omega 3’s may reduce inflammation
  • Support cognitive function
  • Promote heart health
  • Facilitate joint health
  • Improve skin & coat


Omega 3 treats are line priced and come 36 to a case. An ISO package is available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine how these innovative new treats might be a good fit for your store.

Omega 3 Family Pets

Omega 3 Family Pets offers a new concept for introducing Omega 3 fatty acids into your dog’s diet. By including Omega’s 3’s in the proprietary feed of their livestock Omega 3 Family Farms produces beef and pork naturally rich in Omega 3’s. They pass those Omega 3’s on to your pet in delicious limited ingredient deli-cut treats.

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