Minnesota Chef Bakes Treats For Your Dog

Dogs LOVE these treats!

Barkley’s Bistro creates chef-inspired, gluten-free dog treats for the pickiest pups.

Barkley’s Bistro treats are hand-crafted in small batches using fresh, locally sourced produce & humanely-raised chickens, turkeys, cattle and lamb from carefully selected farmers. Barkley’s never use any corn, wheat, hard-grains, preservatives, “fakes” or fillers in the production of our treats. “Healthy” “all-natural” and “gluten-free” aren’t just buzz words when it comes to a dog’s diet…they are essential in the health and wellbeing of all canine-kind.


Barkley’s Bistro four tasty recipes:Barkley's Bistro The Bakery

Lolly’s Peanut Buttons


Ingredients: Peanut butter, Rolled-oats, Brown rice flour, Dash of Vanilla


Chick ‘n Cheddar


Ingredients: Homemade chicken broth (free-range), Carrots, Apples, Low-fat cheddar cheese, Cold-milled golden flax, Rolled-oats, Brown rice flour


Minnesota Hot Dish


Ingredients: Slow-roasted beef broth (*grass-fed), Carrot, Kale, Sweet potato, String bean, Parsley, Goat cheese, Cold-milled golden flax, Rolled-oats, Brown rice flour


Minnesota Lamb Stew


Lamb, Lamb stock, Parmesan, Carrots, Peas, Sweet Potato, Fennel, Brown rice flour, Rolled oats, Olive oil


Note from the chef: All ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Treats are naturally gluten-free, and contain no fillers, preservatives, or added funky junk!


All dogs deserve the very best, turn to Barkley’s Bistro when it’s time for a treat!


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