NEW Mount Ara + Wellness Peanut Butters & New Chill Bite Flavor


Mount Ara has come out with a line of functional peanut butters, + Wellness! This line is packed with vitamins and nutrients and is free of harsh ingredients such as salt and xylitol. They have also announced a new Chill Bite treat in a Sweet Potato Flavor!



The Mount Ara + Wellness Line features 3 unique and functional peanut butters for dogs. Each of the peanut butters has a base of freshly ground and additive-free peanut butter. On top of the additive-free peanut butter, they each have purposeful vitamins and nutrients that help with specific needs. They are available in 8oz resealable squeeze tubes making them easy to serve and store!

Mount Ara + Wellness Line Up:

  • Post Active Recovery
    • Amino acid blends for muscle retention (L-Carnitine & L-Theanine)
    • Glucosamine and chondroitin aid in joint health and minimize inflammation after strenuous exercise
    • Ashwagandha for improved mood, focus, and energy, as well as a good night’s rest
    • Added B Vitamins for improved performance following long periods of exercise.
  • Healthy Aging
    • C and E vitamins for immune support
    • Blueberry pomace antioxidants for memory and cognition
    • Ashwagandha to ease joint pain and aid in healthy, restful sleep
    • D-Mannose to help regulate and improve renal functions in older dogs
  • Everyday Wellness 
    • Turmeric to improve joint health
    • Coconut oil for skin and coat
    • Bleach Alternative
    • A quick dose of a dog’s most necessary vitamins

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NEW Mount Ara Chill Bites Flavor

  • Sweet Potato
    • Great alternative to the calming effects of CBD
    • Featuring valerian root & chamomile
    • Supports a calm and healthy lifestyle
    • Available in 30ct resealable bags



An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions on how to bring Mount Ara + Wellness into your store.

Mount Ara

Mount Ara was founded in 1919 in Chicago with one goal in mind, to see pets, and their owners, living their best, healthiest lives. They have two lines of calming treats and peanut butter – one contains nutrient-dense, full-spectrum hemp oil and the other contains chamomile and melatonin for an alternative to CBD.

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