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Solid gold has expanded their Grain Free offerings in several categories. Launching new dry foods for dogs & cats, a collection of Superfoods chewy treats for dogs and a great selection of grain free wet foods for dogs & cats.

Read below to learn about these line extensions.

Dry Solid Gold Dog Food Introductions:

Four NEW grain free dry foods for dogs.

  1. Love at First Bark, Chicken, Potatoes & Apples – Puppy (replacing Hundchen Puppy Food)
  2. Fit & Fabulous, Chicken, Sweet Potato & Green Bean – Weight Management (GF “sister” to Fit & Fab Pollock)
  3. Mighty Mini, Lamb, Sweet Potato & Cranberry – Small Breed (“sister” to Mighty Mini Chicken)
  4. Young at Heart, Chicken, Sweet Potatoes & Spinach – Senior

Love at First Bark (puppy) features:

  • Chicken, Potato’s & Apples
  • Optimal protein & fat for growing puppies
  • DHA & EPA levels that support growth & development
  • Balanced calcium & phosphorus for bone development
  • Vitamins & minerals that support developing immune systems
  • An easily digestible formula – great for weaning puppies

Dry Solid Gold Cat Food Introductions:

Two NEW grain free foods for cats + two reformulated recipes.

  1. Lets Stay In, Chicken, Lentils & Apples – Indoor Cat
  2. Lets Stay In, Salmon, Lentils & Apples – Indoor Cat
  3. Touch of Heaven, Chicken & Sweet Potato – Kitten (NOW Grain Free)
  4. Young at Heart, Turkey, Potato & Cranberry – Senior (NOW Grain Free)

Lets Stay In features:

  • Two interchangeable recipes (chicken & salmon)
  • The same core ingredients + lentils & apples
  • High fiber formulation for healthy digestion
  • Helps reduce the occurrence of hairballs
  • Potato, grain & gluten free

Super Foods Chewy Dog Treats Introductions:

Solid Gold introduces seven NEW Superfoods Chewy Treats for dogs.

Regular Bite-Size treats include:

  1. Beef, Mango & Tumeric
  2. Chicken, Berries & Ginger
  3. Chicken Coconut & Vanilla
  4. Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cinnamon

Small Breed Bite-Sized include:

  1. Chicken, chia seed & coconut
  2. Chicken, cranberry & chamomile
  3. Pork, Pineapple & thyme

Superfoods Chewy Treats feature:

  • A small drop cookie shape
  • Rich meaty texture & Flavorful aroma
  • Easily broken into smaller pieces
  • 3 Key ingredients in each treat +
  • 5 additional super-foods: pumpkin, kelp, lentils, sunflower oil & parsley
  • 4 regular pairings available: 1 & 1/4″ treats in 2 & 6 oz. bags
  • 3 small breed pairings: 3/4″ treats available in 4 oz. bags

Wet Dog Food Introductions:

Solid Gold has added five NEW grain free wet foods for dogs.

NEW Wet foods for dogs include:

  1. Love at First Bark 13.2 oz. Cans, Chicken – Puppy
  2. Love at First Bark 13.2 oz. Cans, Beef – Puppy
  3. Fit & Fabulous 13.2 oz. Cans, Chicken – Weight Management
  4. Mighty Mini 3.5 oz. Cups, Lamb – Small Breed
  5. Green Cow 3.5 oz. Cups, Beef Tripe – All Ages, All Sizes

Green Cow features:

  • Extremely palatable & easily digestible
  • Great for getting picky dogs to eat
  • Nutritionally complete & balanced
  • Can be fed alone or as a meal topper
  • Contains partially digested plant matter
  • Contains naturally occurring gastric juices
  • Contains healthy digestive enzymes
  • Features nutrient rich protein

Wet Cat Food Introductions:

Solid Gold has introduced two NEW collections of canned foods for cats and two additions to their line of Holistic Delights Pouches:

NEW Wet foods for cats include:

  1. Tropical Blendz Cans, Chicken
  2. Tropical Blendz Cans, Chicken Liver
  3. Tropical Blendz Cans, Salmon
  4. Tropical Blendz Cans, Turkey
  5. Flavorful Feast Cans, Chicken & Tuna – Kitten
  6. Flavorful Feast Cans, Chicken & Tuna – Indoor Cat
  7. Holistic Delights Pouches, Chicken Liver
  8. Holistic Delights Pouches, Turkey


Tropical Blendz cans with Coconut Oil feature:

  • An exciting twist on a classic pâté
  • Nutrient-rich coconut oil – a great source of medium-chain fatty acids
  • High quality proteins including; chicken, chicken liver, salmon & turkey
  • High fiber content to support healthy digestion & prevent hairball formation
  • Omega fatty acids for skin & coat health
  • Keeps cats naturally hydrated
  • Grain & Gluten Free
  • Available in 3 & 6 oz. cans


Flavorful Feast cans formulated for kittens & indoor cats feature:

  • A classic pâté in gravy
  • Fresh blended chicken & tuna
  • Essential vitamins & minerals + taurine
  • Keeps cats naturally hydrated
  • Available in 3 oz. cans

Holistic Delights Pouches feature:

  • Nutrient rich, easy to digest source of calcium
  • Real meat pieces in a creamy bisque
  • Keeps cats naturally hydrated
  • NOW in 8 flavors
  • Grain & gluten free
  • Easy to serve 3 oz. pouch


An ISO is a available on all NEW Solid Gold items. A separate ISO is also available for new-to-you items that have already launched. We welcome your questions to determine which of these exciting new foods and treats might be a good fit for your store.

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