Product Change: Diggin’ Your Dog Sweet Potato Chew Treats

Diggin Your Dog Chunu ChewThere is a change to Diggin’ Your Dog Chunu Chews Sweet Potato Slabs. We now have these in stock and they will start shipping to stores as of today.  They are not as pliable, much firmer.  I’m thinking some people will love the change, some will not love the change and others will not notice.  We have updated pricing in your system.  – Jill, Director of Operations – Northland Natural Pet


From Diggin’ Your Dog:

Diggin Your Dog Sweet Potato chewCHUNU CHEW Sweet Potato Slabs Weight change – It has been a challenge to source good sweet potatoes.  We have declined the last few shipments. We now have a pretty solid source for the slabs.  Our new slabs are much drier (to avoid quality issues)… which also makes them lighter…. (even though these are drier… they taste is amazing, they are 100% natural w/ ONE ingredient and the dogs go crazy over them).

In order to reduce waste and be cost effective, we will use up the bags we have printed for this treat.  We are going to use these bags and REDUCE the size from 12oz to 10oz.  We also REDUCED THE PRICE as you will see on the price sheet to correspond with the new size.  There will be a small sticker over the old “Nt. Wt.” statement that has the new weight.  Please make these changes in your system.  The 10oz will replace the 12oz going forward.  The UPC is staying the same.


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