Steve’s Real Food | Spring 2018 New Products


Steve’s Real Food, the makers of easy, affordable raw food have recently expanded their offerings. Making their Chicken & Turducken entrées available in a Freeze Dried option and introducing their first prey diet for cats, Quest Cat food.

Quest Info Sheet
NEW Quest Cat food, raw frozen diets for cats

  • Prey model diet
  • No produce
  • 95% meat/bone/organ
  • Higher in protein & fatsQuest Trio
  • Complete & balanced for all life stages
  • Whole red krill for Omega 3 fatty acids & palatability
  • Flaxseed, dried kelp, chia seeds, organic coconut oil

Available Quest Cat Proteins:

  • Beef 2 lb bag MSRP $12.56
  • Pork 2 lb bag MSRP $12.56
  • Emu 2 lb bag MSRP $20.11

Freeze Dried Diets

Steve’s Real Food Freeze-Dried foods are the latest in a growing line of quality products designed to make raw-feeding easy, convenient, and affordable.  Steve’s Freeze-Dried has many advantages:

  • It’s shelf stable so it can be stored in a pantry & doesn’t occupy freezer space
  • It preserves & provides the same raw nutrition as frozen diets
  • The small nuggets make great treats for training
  • Assists with transitioning to a raw dietFreezeDriedGroupShotWithFoodsmall
  • Great solution for camping & travel
  • Quickly & easily re-hydrates

Available Freeze Dried Proteins:

  • Beef 1.25 lb bag MSRP $33.50
  • Pork 1.25 lb bag MSRP $33.50
  • Turkey 1.25 lb bag MSRP $33.50
  • NEW Chicken 1.25 lb bag MSRP $35.26
  • NEW Turducken 1.25 lb bag MSRP $35.26


An ISO on the Quest Cat line is currently available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine if Quest Cat food or Steve’s Real Food Freeze Dried Entrées are a good fit for your store

Steve’s Real Food

Steve’s Real Food for Pets is a Pioneer in the Raw Pet Food Industry, being one of the first companies to nationally distribute a raw meat dog food! Steve’s Real Food helps to support and maintain your dogs & cats health naturally. Every Steve’s formula is PH balanced and uses only 100% natural, human-grade, USDA inspected, free-range meats & unprocessed whole and functional foods.

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