Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet


$1 Of Solid Gold Purchase To Feline Rescue

  Helping Cats Live Better in MN How much participation can we get from Twin Cities Solid Gold Pet Food Feeders? Now through March 31, 2014 – Solid Gold Northland is donating $1 for every coupon redeemed from Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlets Barkin’ Mews Newsletter to Feline Rescue of MN. 10’s of thousands […]

Free Beef Jerky & Pins for Pets

What does  Solid Gold Northland’s Facebook page and  a 10 oz. bag of Solid Gold Beef Jerky have in common with Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet’s event, The Fourth Annual Pins for Pets….bowl for the fix Fundraiser? We’re working together to create a winning situation for pets. Each year Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet hosts […]