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Tasman’s has come out with a new ON-HIDE™ concept to boost the flavor on their ever-popular all natural Rawhides as well as debuting their first-ever EVERLASTING HOGSTOPPER.



Chicken ON-HIDE™:

  • Free Range American Bison Rawhides
  • Coated with Antibiotic Free USA Chicken
  • Made in USDA facility
  • Available in 5 sizes:
  • Large, Medium & Small Rolls and Medium & Small Twists
  • MSRP Range: $10.95 (small twists, 10 pk) – $22.95 (large rolls, 2 pk)

Chicken ON-HIDE™ products will initially be available in Bison rolls & twists with Wild Boar & Angus Beef rolls and twists expected in late 2018.



Apollo- Tasman's Everlasting Hogstopper


  • Thick Slab Wild Boar Rawhide
  • Available in 2 sizes:
  1. The Everlasting Hogstopper (image shown) MSRP $5.95
  2. The Everlasting Hogstopper Xtreme *expected in late 2018 MSRP $9.95


An ISO on the new Chicken ON-HIDE™ and EVERLASTING HOGSTOPPER SKUs is available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine if Tasman’s Natural Pet Products belong in your store.

Tasman’s Natural Pet

Tasman’s Natural Pet is proud to offer a unique line of all-natural Bison & Boar rawhides, along with treats made from free-range U.S Bison and Chicken. Don’t mistake these dog chews and treats as typical, as they are far from it!

Free-range bison & chicken means no hormones or antibiotics are passed along to your pet, and the chemical-free processing means no are chemicals either! Great for dogs with allergies or for owners who want to provide their pet with an all-natural diet, even when it comes to treats!

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