7 Solutions for Urinary Tract Issues

Urinary tract issues can be a pesky and persistent problem – particularly for cats. For prevention & urinary tract maintenance for dogs and cats try these natural solutions: (in no particular order)

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1. Solid Gold Berry Balance

  • WHAT: Powder & chews for dogs & cats
  • WHY: For pets prone to struvite crystals & bladder infections
  • ALSO: Produces more acidic urine pH
  • AND: Provides antioxidants + vitamins E & C from cranberries & blueberries + more
  • HOW: Mix with food or include at mealtime – Give 2x daily for 1 month, then 3x weekly
  • WHSL: 3.5 oz. container (powder), 12/case | 60 ct. container (chews), 12/case

2. Super Snouts Urinary Berry

  • WHAT: Powder for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Provides support for the bladder & urinary tract
  • ALSO: Produces more acidic urine pH, prevents bacteria from lingering in the bladder & urinary track
  • AND: Provides antioxidants + vitamins E & C from cranberries & blueberries, 2 ingredient
  • HOW: Give 2x daily for 2 weeks, then 2x weekly
  • WHSL: 2.6 oz. jar (powder), 12/case

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3. Farmina N&D Urinary Formula

  • WHAT: Dry & wet foods for cats
  • WHY: Formulated to restore urinary tract wellness and prevent struvite crystals & oxalates urolithiasis
  • ALSO: Promotes healthy, stable, more acidic urine pH
  • AND: Featuring duck, quinoa, cranberry & chamomile
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal, feed Urinary formula exclusively
  • WHSL: 3.3 lb bags 8/case | 2.8 oz cans for cats, 12/case

4. Solid Gold Natures Harmony

  • WHAT: Dry food for cats
  • WHY: Formulated to help balance urinary & digestive health
  • ALSO: Mild protein & highly digestible fiber inclusions
  • AND: Provides antioxidants + vitamins E & C from cranberries
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal
  • WHSL: 3lb & 6 lb bags

5. Steve’s Real Food PurrGurt (cranberry alternative)

  • WHAT: Dehydrated superfood enhancer for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Designed to maintain healthy urinary pH
  • ALSO: Aids in the prevention of renal & urinary tract issues
  • AND: Featuring targeted herbal cocktail for specialized support
  • HOW: Re-hydrate; serve as a meal alternative, meal topper or treat
  • WHSL: 1.6 oz re-seal-able bottle 6/case, re-seal-able refill 8 oz 6/case

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6. Steve’s Real Food Chia Freeze Raw Goat Milk Yogurt (cranberry alternative)

  • WHAT: Raw, frozen goat milk yogurt for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Easy on sensitive tummies & highly digestible, full of pre & pro-biotics
  • ALSO: Helps maintain proper pH balance & acts as an antacid
  • AND: Includes chia seeds & coconut flour for added digestive benefits
  • HOW: Serve as a meal alternative, meal topper or treat
  • WHSL: 16 oz. re-seal-able pouches, 10/case

7. Pet Kelp Feline Wellness

  • WHAT: Powder superfood supplement for cats
  • WHY: Supports digestive health & overall wellness
  • ALSO: Provides beneficial bacteria, essential vitamins & minerals and micro-nutrients
  • AND: Featuring kelp, flaxseed, cranberry + probiotics
  • HOW: Mix with food, give daily
  • WHSL: 6 oz re-seal-able packages, 6/case

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