Introducing D.O.G (Do Only Good)

We’re thrilled to introduce a new food brand Do Only Good. Dedicated to making nutritious, high-quality dog food that is responsibly sourced, sustainably packaged and exclusive to independent retailers. This single-protein rotational feeding system is an excellent fit for Northland customers.




Brand Highlights:

  • Formulated by renowned Pet Nutritionist Dr. Randy Johsnon
  • Source verification program™ & ingredient transparency
    • sourcing choices promote agricultural sustainability
    • farms & fisheries meet their animal welfare requirements
  • Packaged in BioFlex sustainable packaging
    • BioFlex = certified green renewable energy after discard
    • Fast & functional decomposition
    • + Recyclable cans
  • Manufactured in the US, in U.S.D.A. inspected kitchens
  • Exclusive to independent retailers (no Chewy’s, no big box)

Product Highlights:

  • Single protein, rotational feeding system
  • Proprietary Nutripower Boost™ superfood, vitamin & mineral blend
  • Meat & fish proteins responsibly sourced & antibiotic-free
  • Certified organic vitamins & minerals
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Non-GMO fruits & vegetables
  • 100% Grain & gluten-free
  • High in nourishing fish & coconut oils
  • Balanced blend of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Prebiotic fibers support healthy digestion
  • Formulated for all life stages & all breeds
  • Line priced to promote protein rotation
  • Six single protein recipes in dry & pâté

Do Only Good Foods:

  • North American Beef
  • Farm-Raised Chicken
  • North American Whitefish
  • Pasture-Raised Lamb
  • Farm-Raised Turkey
  • Farm-Raised Duck
  • Dry food 4lb. (5/bale) & 24 lb. re-seal-able bags
  • Canned pâté’s 13 oz. (12/case)

Potential benefits of single-source rotational diets:

  • Best satisfies the nutritional needs of a dog
  • Aids in minimizing skin & coat disorders
  • Reduces or eliminates food allergies
  • Lowers risk of digestive problems
  • Adds variety to your dog’s diet



An open stock ISO and ISO display package are available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine how this great new line fits in your store.

Do Only Good

Do Only Good provides a grain-free, single-protein rotational diet for dogs. Designed to provide variety and satisfy the nutritional needs of dogs with protein rotation, certified organic fruits and vegetables, and their proprietary  Nutripower Boost™ blend. All in sustainable, re-sealable Bio-Flex™ packaging and recyclable cans.

Northland Natural Pet

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