Living the Life You Have Imagined!

It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.

Henry James, American Born author of 20 novels, 112 stories and 12 plays

Is life easy or hard for you? Are you living each day with joy and happiness, or do you feel hopeless, like life is too much?

We all have our ups and downs when it comes to life, and what we’re all looking for is how to live an easier life, how to live that life of joy and happiness.

When your life is on the right path, it feels as if you’re going swimming with the current, not struggling against it. Everything is easy, everything comes easily and life is fun.

If you have veered from your path, life will feel difficult.  Try as you may, life does not ‘fall into place’ for you.

How can you return to the right path?

Set goals, make plans, create ideas that will steer you back on path.

Setting goals are the cornerstone of a “with the current” life.  If we don’t have goals, we don’t get to far, or we don’t get there at all.

Here’s an action step you can take to return to that downstream, easy feeling, way of life:

Look at four areas of your life: financial, personal health and fitness, business and family.   Now, for each category, write down 5 goals you want to achieve. Make the goals specific. For instance, one of your goals for the financial category may be ‘By March 6, 2012, I will have saved an emergency fund of $20,000.’ Read this list every day, and imagine each day what it will feel like to achieve that goal.

Are you living the life you have imagined? Let me know how this goes for you by leaving your comments below.

Wishing  you joy & happiness,
Dawn Cobb

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