Twin Cities Pet Expo Recap

They came from far and wide, using all modes of transportation to visit the Expo, which was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center on March 12-13, 2011.

This was Solid Gold Northland’s 9th year at the pet expo. Our well-informed staff was available to answer your questions about Solid Gold products. We loved hearing the stories you shared with us on how Solid Gold products have helped your pets. One woman shared this story:

“My dog had dry and itchy skin. We had tried topicals and talked to our vet about this chronic problem. We heard about Solid Gold’s Seameal and how a natural diet could take care of our dog’s skin from the inside out, and decided to try it. Our dog is much happier and healthier now. Thank you Solid Gold!”

It makes my day to hear our clients’ feedback and that our products have improved the life of a pet and its owner!

SolidGold Northland is excited to offer holistic dog and cat foods that improve your pet’s health. If you have questions about our products, check out If your question is not answered there, drop us an emailClick here to locate a store in your area which carries Solid Gold .

To the happiness and health of you & your pet,
Dawn Cobb

Solid Gold Northland
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