Solid Gold Northland joins PetPAC

Solid Gold Northland is excited to be a new member of PetPAC, which is a membership of pet professionals and companies in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

PetPac offers pet industry professionals in our area an avenue to get to know others in the field, network and provides excellent education for us all on diverse pet related topics.

While it is a group for pet professionals, PetPAC does benefit pet and pet owners in the St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota area by:

  1. Being a resource/referral network for pet owners
  2. Being the “go-to” professional association for anything pet related
  3. Providing a wealth of pet-related information to pet owners

If you are a pet professional in the Twin Cities area, consider applying for membership to PetPAC. You will find:

  1. You will grow your business through networking with other pet professionals
  2. Your business will be supported and promoted via other PetPAC members
  3. You will find a philosophy of abundance – PetPAC believes there is enough business for all

PetPAC meets the fourth Thursday of each month, except for August and December.

I have seen 2 speakers at the meetings I have attended. Elaine Garley  of Animal Bridges spoke on using Tellington TTouch and Healing Touch as healing modalities in her animal communication business.  Ali Jarvis, publisher of, introduced us to their new website. is THE resource for all things dog- related in the Twin Cities. They have the inside scoop on pet- related businesses, dog-friendly shops and restaurants, events, amazing animal rescues and nonprofits, local celebs’ secret lives of dog lovers and more.

Both of these speakers epitomized the goals and philosophies of PetPAC.

To see a list of member businesses, click here.

I will be encouraging my fellow pet business friend  in the Twin Cities to consider joining PetPac. Networking, common goals, animal causes and continued education make us all a stronger team, improve our individual businesses, and  elevate the whole pet community.

To the happiness and health of you & your pet,
Dawn Cobb

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